Welcome to Montana Diamond Aire

Your destination for Piper Apache, Geronimo, and Aztec aircraft upgrades, with over 20 years of experience helping you get the most performance out of your workhorse twin.

At $750,000, the average starting cost of a new twin-engine aircraft, the economical answer is to consider upgrading an existing aircraft platform for just a fraction fo the cost. And not only that, but you reserve the option to decide which features and instrumentation choices are best suited to your mission.

With over 40 performance STC’s, Montana Diamond Aire offers FAA approved STC’ed modifications for the Piper Apache, Geronimo and Piper Aztecs.
Located in beautiful Montana, modifications can be installed at our facility or we offer a broad range of STC-ed
do-it-yourself kits for installation at your location.

From custom paint applications to fiberglass nacelles,  we can offer STC-ed upgraded features that are aesthetically appealing as well as performance  enhancing. Since 1996, Montana Diamond Aire has also  held the STC’s for the Piper Apache to Piper Geronimo  conversion.
Our many services include:

  • Complete avionics shop onsite.
  • We are a FAA approved PMA facility.
  • Custom designed instrument panels with fiber optic back lit lighting are available for Piper Aztec and Piper Apache aircraft.
  • Major air frame inspection and overhaul services are available.
  • Major credit cards accepted.
  • Discounts are available for AOPA members and FBO’s