Aztec Modifications

Price List
All prices subject to change without notice
Many of the following kits have previously been offered for the Apache
model aircraft. All of the following are now fully STC’d for installation
on the PA23-250 series aircraft as well. Prices do not include
installation or freight charges.
MAJOR AIRFRAME INSPECTION and OVERHAULThis inspection far surpasses a 1000 hour inspection and brings the airframe back to factory new tolerances. Price will vary greatly with condition of airframe. Call for details.
SPEED-SLOPE WINDSHIELDInstallation of this windshield results in lower cabin noise levels, dramatically enhanced appearance and improved visibility. Cruise speed is increased by 3-5 miles per hour. This windshield mounts approximately eight inches farther out on the nose than the original, and you will need to obtain a 1 foot by approximately 7 foot piece of glareshield cloth to install in front of and partially under your existing glareshield. We recommend a vertical card compass and the electronic OAT instrument of your choice be installed at the same time. Call with questions, or if your aircraft has a hot-plate installed. Windshields available in gray tint, green tint or clear. $1,495%%wppa%% %%photo=59%% %%size=75%%
%%wppa%% %%photo=60%% %%size=75%%
%%wppa%% %%photo=61%% %%size=75%%
%%wppa%% %%photo=66%% %%size=75%%
New! Modern Throttle Quadrant Control Lever Kit%%wppa%% %%photo=64%% %%size=75%%
New! Vortex Generators* Lower Lift Off Speed (Includes Horizontal Stabilizer Fairings)
* Lower Stall Speeds
* Improved Controllability
* Improved Characteristics
* Improved Safety
* S.T.O.L. Benefits
* Improved Aileron & Rudder Effectiveness
* Smooth Ride In Turbulence
* More Stable Instrument Platform
$1,950%%wppa%% %%photo=63%% %%size=75%%
DORSAL FINAdds stability and about 2-3 MPH to cruise. Enhances appearance and reduces VMC by approximately seven MPH. You will notice that after initial rudder trim is set, it will require almost no re-adjustment as fuel burns and weight shifts during flight. The fin is fiberglass, and is about three times the size of OEM. The fin is large enough to consider the option of installing hidden antennas and/or remounting an existing antenna inside.$ 1,395%%wppa%% %%photo=54%% %%size=75%%
%%wppa%% %%photo=55%% %%size=75%%
WING TIPSAdds lateral stability at low speeds and improves aileron control. Cruise speed increased by about 3-5 MPH. Enhances appearance and includes recessed navigation light mounts with streamlined lenses. Reduces wingspan by about 32 inches over stock tips.$2,495%%wppa%% %%photo=67%% %%size=75%%
FLAP GAP SEALSIncreases climb performance & decreases stalling speed. Also shortens take-off roll and improves overall handling characteristics. Cruise speed increased by 3-4 MPH.$895%%wppa%% %%photo=62%% %%size=75%%
'E' MODEL NOSE KITAnother great enhancement to overall appearance, this modification adds about 14 inches to length compared to stock nose. Reduces noise levels and extends baggage compartment space. Looks identical to Aztec E & F nose. Includes streamlined landing-light lens and improved ventilation intake. This mod is highly recommended when using any nose-mounted slaved compass and is a must for any radar installation. We have noticed that slaved compass "swing" caused by electro-magnetic interference (landing light turned on) is minimized after nose installation.$ 5,195%%wppa%% %%photo=57%% %%size=75%%
%%wppa%% %%photo=58%% %%size=75%%
%%wppa%% %%photo=56%% %%size=75%%
INSTRUMENT PANEL STC KIT Approved for Aztec, Apache & Geronimo aircraft, this one-piece design eliminates cockpit display clutter and is shock-mounted to isolate full panel. Several panel styles include back-lighting or post-lighting, engine instrumentation and radio configuration options. Dual centerstack design with option for copilot instruments. Kit price consists of STC paperwork, eight Lord mounts and complete installation plans only.Swing-down buss/switch panel optional. Custom cut panels and pre-fabricated PMA bracket sets available. This STC Kit affords the owner/installer great latitude in customizing panel to fit individual avionics & instrumentation needs without the need for a field approval. Installation available, call for details. We also offer a new fiberglass glareshield in two styles for $389. Note: PMA approved, 2-1/4 inch round, dual backlit engine instrumentation/fuel gauges available soon!$1,195%%wppa%% %%photo=65%% %%size=75%%
GLARESHIELDOne piece aluminum glareshield in two styles made to fit panels listed above. Enhanced appearance, visibility and practicality. Must be covered or padded with approved materials of owner's choice (not included.) Call for details.$ 389
INFLATABLE DOOR SEALModels available with automatic (electric) or hand pump. Very noticeable difference in noise levels with this unit installed. Call for current price & availability.$ 449/895
QUARTER-INCH SIDE WINDOW KIT1/4" side windows replace OEM double-paned 1/8" windows. Popular kit includes frameless vent pilot window, non-vented co-pilot window, both rear & right center windows and 3/16" (.187) emergency exit window. Kit price is $995 for clear and $1,149 for tinted; MSLP. Add $125 and $150 respectively for quarter inch-beveled emergency exit window. (This one is difficult to install and requires extreme care & patience.)$ 995-1,149
LIGHTWEIGHT LOW-DENSITY SOUNDPROOFING / INSULATION KITReduces noise level to a point of normal conversation. Improves passenger comfort and is an effective barrier against heat transfer. Can be installed with or without the purchase of a new interior. $ 1,295


All prices subject to change without notice.
The state of Montana has no sales tax.
Kit prices do not include crating or shipping charges.
All fully STC’d modifications include PMA-approved parts.
Speed figures established by exhaustive testing, and are relative to
particular airframes and other installed modifications. They are accurate
to within 2%.