Featured Modification

Aztec C model, N5825Y, with it’s original nose
Aircraft chemical stripper is applied to the joint area. This melts away the paint and original body filler. Rivets are then exposed and are easy to drill out.
The entire area must then be hand-sanded, cleaned and prepared. Great care must be used when using power sander as the aluminum skin is quite thin and easily damaged.
Fitting of the new fiberglass nose requires some grinding & sanding on the aluminum and the new fiberglass part. Minimal amounts of material must be removed, but this is a vital step before any drilling starts. This procedure requires two people, as one person is needed to hold the nose in place while the other person analyzes where mating irregularities exist. This step requires about 1 hour.
The new nose is fit into place over the outside of the fuselage, then drilled and cleco’d to the airframe. After a perfect fit is assured the new nose is flush-riveted in place with solid rivets. The installation is finished off with body filler, prep & paint. Complete installation instructions are included with each kit.
Aztec C with completed E-nose installation!