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Because we know that your instrument panel should be uniquely tailored to your mission, Diamond Aire can create a panel to exactly suit your needs. Using state-of-the-art CAD software, we can design your new panel for your choice of instruments, including glass panels with integrated touch screens, synthetic vision and moving map GPS. Custom instrument panels are available for Apache, Geronimo, and Aztec models.







Above is an example of a state of the art Aztec instrument panel, working with the customer who specified the requirements, the panel was modeled in 3D CAD (below) exactly accurate, and CNC cut to within 0.002". This allows us to make as many changes as needed, including different versions, and arrangements of avionics, before we commit to a physical panel. As you can see, the result is virtually the same as the design preview, so there are no surprises.







   Panels are bench assembled allowing live testing of all integrated wire harnesses and devices, and any custom requirements can added.


  Our Professional, fully equipped avionics shop can install everything from steam gauges to glass panels to weather radar. Completed panels are installed in the aircraft and integrated into the aircraft power and wiring systems, largely with electronic connectors, for easy maintenance if necessary. Panels are powder coated and supported at multiple points by mini lord mounts to achieve excellent vibration damping and isolation.




Mini-Lord Mounts vibration damping




Anti-vibration instrument panel mounting




  Another highly recommended option is the drop-down switch/fuse panel available for both sides, and makes it super simple to add or work on any device, and has a dimmable legend placard with easily readable white text in daylight, and superior low-power illumination at night or in low visibility.




Insert drop down CB panel photo here








If economy is necessary, upgrade your panel from original ancient Piper stock panels to a beautiful, organized, powder coated, unified, shock mounted modern version, using your existing gauges and avionics, or select advanced avionics, an Aztec shown here with modern custom yokes installed.




Custom steam gauge panel




We have the experience making a number of custom instrumentation installations, like this one for single pilot night vision ops,

like this engine instrument mount with low brightness post lights:







Throttle Quadrants and Fuel Pedestals


Tired of knobs from the 50's? We can replace your worn, cracked and faded controls, with modern CNC'ed engineered plastic replacement handle knobs and arms, in bright fade-resistant colors, and even replacement slotted cover panels with engraved text.







Fuel controls can get old, and stick or leak, and we can completely overhaul your fuel selectors and valves.

CNC'ed fully labeled, non-fading cover plates are available for all models of PA-23.







Yoke Upgrades


Modernizing your cockpit doesn't stop with just the panel. We have upgraded yokes, which can be adapted to all auto-pilots, audio-panels, intercoms with switch customization for your application. Strong, lightweight carbon fiber and durable paint are hallmarks of our yoke upgrades. New polished yoke tubes are available as well. We can even customize yoke center plates with your choice of graphics and text or a handy chronometer.







Co-Pilot Brakes add-on


Co-pilot brakes are a great option for dual pilot aircraft or flight instruction. Older aircraft came with brake pedals only on the pilot side, but our economical STC can add brake pedals to the co-pilot side for effective braking from either pilot positions.


Co Pilot brakes photos here:




Purchasing a combination of the above modifications will qualify you for a discount. Discounts also available for AOPA members, FBO’s and Piper Owners Society members.




All prices subject to change without notice.

The state of Montana has no sales tax.

Kit prices do not include crating or shipping charges.

All fully STC’d modifications include PMA-approved parts.

Speed figures established by exhaustive testing, and are relative to

particular airframes and other installed modifications. They are accurate

to within 2%.



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