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  Other System Upgrades




We Can Upgrade and Overhaul Every System on Your PA-23  




As your airframe ages, many parts and systems will need maintenance, overhauls or upgrades. A number of these require special knowledge and special techniques to restore to original or better operation. At Montana Diamond Aire, we have the experience to perform complete maintenance on every system Apache, Geronimo and Aztec system.

Hydraulic Systems  

Flaps, Landing Gear and Brakes can be fully overhauled and rebuilt. Specialty components like the central hydraulic Power Pack, can be fully disassembled and restored to reliable operation. Landing gear mechanical components, including bearings, switches, indicators, oleo struts, and down-lock arms, can be rebuilt and adjusted for trouble-free operation. Hydraulic hoses, actuators and valves can be rebuilt, tested and adjusted through our comprehensive hydraulics work and testing.


Windshields, Cabin Windows and Cabin Doors  

Cabin Doors and Cabin Windows and Windshields are some of our specialties.

Cabin Door internals are complicated and require a lot of experience to be rebuilt safely and operate correctly.
We also have in stock replacement internal components and the ability to fit and adjust cabin doors correctly.
We also have PMA (Parts Manufacturing Authority) and have new and upgraded cabin windows available for all PA-23's, including a 3rd window STC for older aircraft.
Our new replacement windows from strong 1/4" thick acrylic stock are exact fuselage fitting, much quieter than the original 1/8" clear or green tinted windows,
and superior visibility with great UV resistance.

Pilot and Cabin Door windows come with optional CNC machined flush vent windows, complete with silicone o-ring seals.

Speedslope replacement one-piece Windshields, make your plane look sharp, increase safety by increasing critical visibility by removing the central divider,

and increase aerodynamics with the greater slope angle.

Emergency Exit Doors on Aztecs can be completely overhauled and have upgraded custom replacement acrylic installed.


Aircraft Brake Systems

All models of PA-23 aircraft rely on good brakes. We can handle every part of your plane's braking system. From pads to disks to calipers, we offer maintenance,

and even an STC's for dual calipers for increased braking action, and for orlder aircraft which came stock with only pilot side brake pedals,

we can add co-pilot side brake pedals for dual pilot and instruction operations. We rebuild cockpit brake master cylinders, replace old worn hoses, parking brake valves, and solve leak problems.


Aircraft Gross Weight Increase

PA-23 aircraft are know for their ability to carry large loads and handle rough airfields. Our STC can increase your Gross Weight to 4,000 pounds on certain aircraft.

Combine this with the dual caliper brakes and you have the ability to get into shorter strips with heavier payloads. 





































Because we know that your instrument panel should be uniquely tailored to your mission, Diamond Aire can create a panel to exactly suit your needs. Using state-of-the-art CAD software, we can design your new panel for your choice of instruments, including glass panels with integrated touch screens, synthetic vision and moving map GPS. Custom instrument panels are available for Apache, Geronimo, and Aztec models.
















   maintenance if necessary. Panels are powder coated and supported at multiple points by mini lord mounts to achieve excellent vibration damping and isolation.








Anti-vibration instrument panel mounting




  Another highly .












If economy is necessary, upgrade your panel from original Aztec shown here with modern custom yokes installed.








We have the :








Throttle Quadrants and Fuel Pedestals


panels with engraved text.








. CNC'ed fully labeled, non-fading cover plates are available for all models of PA-23.


















Co-Pilot Brakes add-on


Co-pilot brakes are a great option for dual pilot aircraft or flight instruction. Older aircraft came with brake pedals only on the pilot side, but our economical STC can add brake pedals to the co-pilot side for effective braking from either pilot positions.


Co Pilot brakes photos here:




Purchasing a combination of the above modifications will qualify you for a discount. Discounts also available for AOPA members, FBO’s and Piper Owners Society members.




All prices subject to change without notice.

The state of Montana has no sales tax.

Kit prices do not include crating or shipping charges.

All fully STC’d modifications include PMA-approved parts.

Speed figures established by exhaustive testing, and are relative to

particular airframes and other installed modifications. They are accurate

to within 2%.



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